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She Nailed! by Diana

by Anelise Benato on January 02, 2021

I consider that manicure is a form of art ad it has an aesthetic value, not a monetary one. 

My 7-8 years of experience as a nail technician and nail artist have taught me a lot, but this process is a continuous one: I believe that every day I have to learn something new in order to be a better professional and a better person. 

My motto as a professional is „less is more” and I always choose QUALITY over quantity. 


Diana represents, a professional team aspiring to educate and inform the market, interested in gaining trust by supplying high-quality professional products along with customised systems and exclusive services, depending on the needs of the customers. We always appreciate the honesty and desire to develop of our customers and partners. The brand’s main  focus is always on innovation, development and research, which come with high-quality products and offering education by using high-class techniques. The aim of Nail Art Professionals is to develop the industry through education.


Continuous education through a compact system of best quality professional services and products of manicure and pedicure products for 100% customer  satisfaction.


Passion: we love what we do, passion is our greatest value

100% dedication to what we do 

Positive attitude

Education: by continuously educating ourselves, we educare our customers.

Imagination: creativity

Ingenuity: love for beauty and unique image

Professionalism: professional technicians who help develop our product lines and innovating techniques in order to educate the market 

Competitiveness: we offer something „more” to our customers

Appreciation & gratitude: We are happy when our customers are successful. 


Super Slim Nails is a revolutionary technique which allows building ultra slim (1 mm thick), natural looking and flat nails. The nails are built respecting the six symmetry lines of the nails by using a reduced amount of material. The main focus of this technique is building the nails with the brush (by modeling the material) and reducing the filing (and PROTECTING the natural nail).


GEL POLISH with APEX (“natural nail protection”)

It is a technique which allows forming the architecture of the nail without filing the natural surface of the nail and by using the base, color and top coat (gel polish coats). The nail becomes perfect, as the striae and imperfections on the nail surface are perfectly covered, leaving the nail surface perfectly flat.