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She Nailed! by Lina

by Anelise Benato on November 14, 2020

My name is Lina. I am a certified and insured beautician based in Navan, Co Meath.

I took a leap and started my own business a year ago and I am extremely happy!

The best tip I can share with others is to follow your dream! If you love what you do you, you can achieve anything! Love and passion drives you through high and low. I feel it is extremely important to build the relationship between yourself and your clients. As a small business, word of mouth is vital to your success. I try to make all my clients feel welcomed and relaxed. They are choosing to spend their hard earned money with me so the least I can do is make them feel welcome and appreciated.

I'm originally from Lithuania and moved to Ireland 17 years ago. I am a qualified accountant but working in an office job for years made me feel lost and very bland. I felt that I was trapped without being able to express myself.
I made a choice to change my career dramatically.

The industry that I am in now is extremely fast pace, hard competition and a non stop journey of self improvement. I always aim for best in myself and try to stand out with my work. Im very passionate and love what I do. It allows me to express myself in so many different ways.
Being extremely self driven, confident and eager to learn helps to keep my passion growing. I've trained with a couple of well know nail technicians and absorbed every possible iota of information available.

Being a busy mom it allows me to spend quality time with my kids and work around my schedule. Family support is very important, especially when you start doubting yourself at the beginning.

I truly believe that success comes with love, drive and failure. Because failure is a part of success and you only truly fail when you stop trying. So we have to make sure we never fail, we either succeed or learn 💯