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She Nailed! by Monika Usman

by Anelise Benato on November 09, 2020

✨My name is Monika, and I believe that life is beautiful!✨

Each of us is unique and has a purpose in life, passions, and talents. Only by doing what we love we can achieve dreams and happiness in our lives!

My passion is to share with others my knowledge and experience and inspire them to fulfill their desires.
I love what I'm doing! The beauty is a better version of itself for me in all matters. 💖
The outer beauty brings up self-confidence, better mood. Inner beauty is an opportunity to inspire others, a happy frame of mind!

My profession allows me to create harmony and share it, and that is my greatest happiness and success!

Originally I'm from Lithuania. I came to Ireland in 2015. My primary education is as a land manager. I have worked in this industry for nine years, but by coming to Ireland, I completely changed my career as well.

Now I'm certified by ITEC beauty therapist, nail technician, and eyebrow stylist, as well as a future educator. I am a happy mother of three, and this job allows me to combine my career with the family.

Currently, I'm working from home, and in this way, I could find the perfect balance between my family and my personal life. 🙌🏽✨💖